When stakes are high like in a business environment, a reliable cell phone signal is a must

People do business on cell phones. They make transactions, do research, and send and receive email. The rumblings about the demand for better cell phone signals within the building are increasing day to day. Weak and patchy cell phone signal in the hotels you stay can be the source of so much frustration. By far, it’s stated as a mild chronic annoyance – and at worst, unreliable cell coverage can end up being a serious problem in a crisis situation. Even though cellular networks are improving their coverage area every year, weak, patchy and lost signals are common enough to be a significant issue for many people.
It has happened to every one of us all the time. The hotels advertise free internet connection with awesome speed and good signal strength which ever floor you reside. But at the end of the day, you pull out your cell phones and walk around the room to reach at least 1 bar out of 4. As a result we move all the nook and corner to achieve the signal strength.

Basis of Weak Signal:
The causes of weak signals are many and varied, e.g., building construction, the particular carrier network in an area, location of the person within the building, volume of simultaneous calls hitting the nearest cell site, distance from the nearest cell site, quality of the signal, metallic covering (thermal barrier) on windows, to name a few.
Even though the voice and data cellular services operate on different frequencies, some of the same causes of weak signal strength in a hotel will compromise cellular data communication. This may affect mobile phones that depend upon data communication that guests are bringing into hotel rooms.
While the hotels setup is crucial for getting the signal, there are few things you can do to improve cell phone reception what’s being delivered is a far cry from reality. Let’s look at things you can do to make the most out of your situation.
Signal Booster- A classic solution to your signal problem:
The classic solution to overcome cell phone reception is signal boosters. Boosting cell phone signal with such system requires an external antenna, amplifier and an internal antenna. Firstly the external antenna is placed somewhere where there is existing signal. It’s important to find a good spot – the strength of the signal picked up outside will determine the range of signal you get inside, so it’s worth taking the time to place the external antenna carefully. The second part of the system includes an amplifier to which the external antenna is connected via cable. The amplifier holds a crucial job to strengthen the signal to the point that it’s strong enough throughout the area that you need to get better reception in. Lastly, the amplifier is connected to the internal antenna, which broadcasts the signal through the space inside your home, where it can then be picked up by your cellular phone. The number of floors and area per each floor that requires coverage will determine the number of effective indoor and outdoor antennas.
In addition to this different networks can operate on different frequencies. Some may use more than one frequency. Every amplifier cannot receive every frequency, so this means that you’ll need to choose your amplifier based on the cellular networks and services you’d like to receive.

Few Benefits to opt for cellular signal booster:
The benefits of a system like this are obvious – when properly set up, a cellular signal booster system eliminates unreliability, weak signal and dead zones and provides a consistently strong signal inside your building.

End of the Line:
Signal strength and mobile reception is changing depending on the people way of communicating on a daily basis. Where it was once a “Nice to have” amenity when staying at hotel, today it is an essential requirement that can actually have a dramatic impact on overall revenues. Hoteliers need to install right signal booster to ensure that signal strength enhances and their guests stay rather than detracts from their experience. If you are going to offer the service, makes sure it works effectively or your guests more than likely look for alternative locations the next time they are in town.


WILSON 400 (50 ohm):

  • They have 3.5db loss @ 700 MHz, 6dB loss @ 2100 MHz per 100 feet
  • It is perfect answer for business employments. It is profoundly suggested for different communicate radio wires furthermore prescribed if the approaching sign is OK to poor.
  • They utilize N-Male connectors.



  • The greatest link length relies on upon the signal quality alongside the increases and misfortunes that happen all through the framework.
  • It is desirable over utilize link of length 100 feet from intensifier to reception apparatus.


75 Ohm VERSUS 50 Ohm:

  • CEDIA Industry standard is 75 Ohm while for huge business structures it is 50 Ohm

    Similarly 50 Ohm has somewhat less misfortune per 100 feet of link.


    Business review links are accessible in bigger amount in 50 Ohm just (i.e. 600 cable, plenum cable)





Brief on cell phone booster technology and a small buyer’s guide.

It’s been quite a time when cell phone boosters were introduced but fact is that still there are many people who don’t know that what are these devices all about and how they can get a best one? In one line explanation I can say that cell phone signal booster is a device which can get rid of Low Signal Problem perfectly, i will explain how in following paragraphs. I will also tell you that how you can get best suited cell phone booster for your home or office.

What is cell phone booster?

Online cell phone booster store
It is a device made for boosting low signal strength to highest possible. Yes, I am not kidding this is real and many people around the world are using it. Weboost introduced very first cell phone booster and still they are one of the best manufacturer. Cell phone booster collects signals with low strength and boosts it with the boosting technology and then it spreads boosted signal to all over required area. This was the working of cell phone booster in simple language and now I am going to explain it to you in detail.

Starting with components

Cell phone booster contains three components –
Indoor antenna
Boosting unit
Outdoor antenna

Starting from outdoor antenna, it is the antenna which has to be installed outside home or building and it’s duty is to collect the signals from tower. Installing outdoor antenna should be done carefully. You should always install this antenna at place where signal strength coming from tower is highest. There are two kinds of outdoor antennas, Omni Directional Antenna and Yagi Antenna. If you want to boost signals coming from various providers then go for Omni Directional Antenna and in case of single provider go for Yagi Antenna.

Boosting Unit is the heart of cell phone booster, if this is not working then nothing else will work and if the frequency is not enough to cover the needed area then also that cell phone booster is of no use. This is the unit which gets signal with low strength from outdoor antenna and boosts it to highest strength possible and then transfers it to indoor antenna. Now, frequency of whole cell phone booster depends on this unit as it says that how much it can boost.
Indoor Antenna – This is the antenna which spreads the boosted signal strength to needed area after receiving it from boosting unit. Indoor antenna also comes in two types – Panel Antenna and Dome Antenna. One should install panel antenna if he want to cover huge multistory building or other such places. Installing by reading manual is always good but in general panel antenna should be installed on wall of top floor of the building. Kindly note that this antenna has to be installed in upside down direction. Dome antenna is for covering smaller area like some small hall or small floor, it has to installed on ceilings of the roof, it works in multi direction whereas panel antenna works in single direction.

Now, which one to buy?
For this you have to do some basic research first. You will have to calculate the area which you want to cover and you have to note that how much signal strength you are getting at your place. There are many cell phone booster models available and each booster has its own capability. The capability and frequency of cell phone booster says that how much area it will cover.
Once you have researched that then go to cell phone booster store online via google search and look for the cell phone signal booster which covers the area you need to cover. My advice for you is to get a booster with greater frequency then needed because your home/building can have more signal blocking elements then what we found in normal conditions. Just get one level higher model and get rid of low signal problem.

Home Automation System makes your Home Smart

Smart home technology controls the HVAC of your house which is heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Whenever you enter your room, you found it cool as you want, because smart home automation system automatically turns your AC on when you come into your room and when you your room the system also turn it off. Just like that when you are going to your bathroom, you found your water temperature as you want. It also controls the sprinkler system of your garden and sprinkles the water 3 to 5 times by itself.
If we talk about the security of our house then Home Automation System provides the best security through very high tech night vision cameras which are directly connected to your cell phones and laptops through broadband network. It gives you the live footage of your house anytime and anywhere.
Smart home automation is the best system that saves you money by reducing electricity bill, save energy, and saves your extra efforts and makes your life easy. So it is the one time investment and after that it provides its precious service for a very long time.

What have Cell Phone Signal Booster Technology Changed in recent time?

Removing each and every trouble of these cell phone problems had been very difficult in the past, but cell phone amplifiers have proved to be the only solution of removing low signal problem. When for the first time cell phone signal booster was first launched in the market, it was for a trial version. There is cell phone booster which is available in market according to the ranges of the area to be covered for each and every place where cell phone signal gets worse. This has improved the importance and quality of cell phone signal boosters. FCC declared that those companies which follow its rules and regulations will only manufacture cell phone booster. That makes them a better choice for commercial spaces, where cell users may be customers of different providers.

Federal Communications Commission rules

New Federal Communications Commission rules, scheduled to take effect in February, will set standards for signal booster products. For more information, go to wireless.fcc.gov/signal-boosters. No matter how strong the signal, the limited frequency range used by cell phones means that the calls will still sound worse than virtually any landline call. That is slowly beginning to change. Signal boosters are just as easy to set up as personal cell sites, but the hardware is bulkier and more difficult to hide. The antenna used to distribute the signal throughout the house is about the size and shape of a hardback book.

Antennas that enhance the signal in one room are small and easy to place on a desk. The cell phone signal amplifier is then connected via coaxial cable to an indoor antenna. No matter how strong the signal, the limited frequency range used by cell phones means that the calls will still sound worse than virtually any landline call. That is slowly beginning to change.

Perfect solution for low signal problem in form of cell phone booster

People living their lives in areas like rural areas or rigs of oils or ranches use to face one huge technical problem daily, or we can say that every second they use to face one major problem. That problem is low signal problem for their cell phones which keeps them disconnected from rest of the world most of the times. This problem gets worst in case where people lives underground or places which are on hilly areas. Even people living in high-tech cities use to face this problem a lot because of very high network congestion or many other reasons.
What solution do these people see?
Yeah, this problem does have a solution which can be done at user end and which is very effective. This solution is in form of cell phone booster which can be installed anywhere. A lot of people have installed cell phone antenna boosters at their home and offices and till now no complaint have been noticed but on other hand we have seen 1000% satisfied users. Cell phone booster have come in form of rescue device for many people which can easily rescue them from problem of low signal.
One more reason for more and more people opting cell phone antenna repeater is that it comes in huge variety, you will get cell phone booster according to your need. This huge variety have made tough competition in makers and have benefited consumers a lot.
Which one to get?
This is tricky question, not for me but for you. Trick is to calculate the area which you want o cover with full signal strength. Obviously you will not be wanting your neighbor to take advantage of your cell phone booster and neither you will be willing to get a booster which do not covers your needed area. First of all measure the area you want cover roughly or accurately, this will give you idea that which range of booster you need. This is important because once you are at online cell phone booster store, you should know that what range of cell phone booster you need.
There are huge number of cell phone antenna repeaters available and each one have its own range of coverage. What you can do is a brief research before you get one, best site to research and buy a booster is cellphoneboosterstore.com

New Technology of Cell Phone Booster

With every new technology introduced in the cell hone market, cell phone consumers increase with a good quantity. And this correspondingly increases the traffic in the cell phone signals. And this resulted into poor signal reception for cell phones. And this lead to the popularity of cell phone signal booster. This device has gained popularity because every consumer wants that every call he makes or receives should be complete and disturbance free. So every consumer has moved towards purchasing a cell phone signal amplifier. This doesn’t mean that this device gained popularity of this reason only. The main reason is that the booster is really working and efficient in its work. This all happened because of the loose mentality o service provider companies. These companies were not able to install new towers corresponding to the number of consumers added to their company everyday. They should have installed new towers, but they didn’t. So, consumer found its own way to have his mini tower with him. Cell phone signal repeater, the device that boosts the weak signals and makes the boosted signals available to the consumer. This has basically forced others to buy new boosters also. There are certain places in the city where the reception of signals is really poor or very weak. At those places, it is almost impossible to make and receive calls. These places are called dead zones. At these places, you can have a booster that captures these weak signals, amplifies them and gives these boosted signals to the cell phone. And now, your phone can easily make and receive calls from anywhere, whether you are at home or away. You need not worry about your location if you are in the kitchen or the bathroom or even the basement, you will have the best of signal reception. Boosters are really amazing devices.

Technicality of smart homes

Feng shui improvements are also sometimes known as many of the latest design trends of residences & I am a regular visitor of home developments & relocation for my clients interested in purchasing these residences. Smart home has its separate technical area as many new homes now come with different technical or media areas. The technical area is usually on at the top of the stairs on a big loft-like handling in a two-story home. According to feng shui perspective, to take the “yang” work activities out of the “yin” bedrooms you have to designate a separate space for computer or internet activities that is certainly a very good step to take. This certainly leads to create the distance between the areas where the higher electrical fields are associated with office equipment & where people are sleeping.
You should never make a home with a bull nose corner. Now-a-days mostly homes have the rounded or curved corners everywhere so that there should not be unintentionally sharp corners angled at people when they arrive in a room or when they exit from a room. You should always have a large closet in home automation system installed house as it’s not only a good feng shui feature but also the newer homes are getting away from the slid-open closet doors, which all were virtually mirrored closet doors in decades past. You would always sleep more soundly by not having mirrored closet doors in a bedroom. Now-a-days in some homes which have the X10 home automation system installed in them, the formal living room has been reduced to a “receiving” room which is not more than approximately 100 square feet. For having blending of outside & inside activities , new home designs are looking forward towards informal entertaining, with their family rooms being placed right off a large kitchen & towards the back of the house. You should always make laundry rooms upstairs so that they can be closer to where we actually keep our clothes.

Extend Your Phone Features Beyond Just Fancy Looks

Everyday new inventions are going on. Addition of new features with older ones is taking place in every industry. As industry want more customers. So, it is there need to invent or improve the old features in their newer versions .So, that they will attract customers .As, it is the period of competition and everyone want to be first in this field . No doubt new invention add new cost or you can say addition of new feature in the older make the product costly. So, it is not in the reach of the common people. As , now a day’s nothing is impossible so don’t be sad .Your mobile can also have those features .As company also provide the those tiny devices externally which they provided inbuilt in their product.

In every minute company announced phone with new features which attract many people but they are within reach in some not in everyone. But don’t lose your heart. You can add those tiny devices externally to your mobile and make your mobile equally enhance with the new feature. You will enjoy everything in your older versions also. So, if Cell Phone Signal Booster is not inbuilt in your phone then you can buy it from the shops according to your phone model .Cell Phone Signal Booster is a tiny device which can be installed externally in your phone or you can get installed in your building also to improve voice quality in your building. As mostly, we face the problem that we are not able to get signals in the building or home but we are getting signals outside .This Cell Phone Booster when installed in your building it is not necessary that every employ of your company has to install in their phone to get clear voice and better signal.

The Cell Phone Signal Booster work on the technology called Cell Phone Signal Amplifier. The Cell Phone Signal Amplifier has the ability to enhance or you can say augment the strength of the signal where there is low signal or no signal in the environment. The Cell Phone Booster also has the functionality of Cell Phone Repeater as it is also associated with the Cell Phone Amplifier repeat the signal coming from the near about tower and hence increase the strength and quality of the signal. You can clearly hear the voices without any disturbance and your will not be disconnected in future because of low signal. Just by installing Cell Phone Signal Booster to your phone your phone quality improves with reasonable rates.

The things which you should take care when you go for buying this feature for your phone. Since, every phone has its own type , make , model. So you must do Google before buying it. You should Google a lot so that you will find best device with reasonable rate according to your phone. Don’t wait just go and do Google and get all the new devices for your mobile and make it according to today’s need.

x10 Protocol On EDGE Network is Possible

Rear view of iPhone is made of metal and black plastic. Screen size is about 3.5 in (89 mm) with screen resolution of 480×320 pixels. The ultra sleek iPhone 3G have stunning facilities like integrated app store and attractive body parts. The stunning features and an immediate and surprising price drop made more people to run behind iPhone 3G.. The Data transfer speed was increased about 2.8x than EDGE. Apple offers about 10 hours talk time and 5 hours of 3G talk
time and 6 hours of browsing time. The iPhone can access the headphones without adapters. The iPhone also features a built in 2.0 megapixel camera. The iPhone and smart home protocol on EDGE can be a cool application

Original model was a 4 GB model which was discontinued after two months, now it comes in 8 GB model or 16 GB model. It has a HVGA touch screen with a scratch resistant glass which is specifically created for use with a finger. Both the iPhone and the iPhone 3G comes with a series of included accessories and items when purchased. Items common to both versions:

Stereo headset with microphone
Standard USB cable for connection
Cleaning or polishing cloth.

iPhone have a multi touch screen interface with Home button. The single “home” button below the display brings up the main menu. Apple has been offering unlocked iPhones in some markets but they retail at a very high price. Other editions are locked to a single carrier. The iPhone Dev Team, which recently ported Linux kernel to iPhone, has
promised iPhone 3G unlock before New Year 2009. In 2007, when the original iPhone was hacked, there ensued a constant war between Apple and the hackers, with the company issuing subsequent updates to thwart

iPhone 3G’s with unsupported base bands can’t be downgraded to an earlier base band as yet, and there’s no word on when the Dev Team will have those unlocks ready, although you can imagine they’ll be working on it in 2009. The same goes for the iPod Touch second generation and jail breaking ability. All of the Dev Team’s focus has been on the iPhone 3G, only one team member had a new second gen iPod Touch, but a breakthrough on a jailbreak will surely come in 2009, too. And all those who have the old generation iPhone can update their software to 3G version from the apple official site.