Brief on cell phone booster technology and a small buyer’s guide.

It’s been quite a time when cell phone boosters were introduced but fact is that still there are many people who don’t know that what are these devices all about and how they can get a best one? In one line explanation I can say that cell phone signal booster is a device which can get rid of Low Signal Problem perfectly, i will explain how in following paragraphs. I will also tell you that how you can get best suited cell phone booster for your home or office.

What is cell phone booster?

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It is a device made for boosting low signal strength to highest possible. Yes, I am not kidding this is real and many people around the world are using it. Weboost introduced very first cell phone booster and still they are one of the best manufacturer. Cell phone booster collects signals with low strength and boosts it with the boosting technology and then it spreads boosted signal to all over required area. This was the working of cell phone booster in simple language and now I am going to explain it to you in detail.

Starting with components

Cell phone booster contains three components –
Indoor antenna
Boosting unit
Outdoor antenna

Starting from outdoor antenna, it is the antenna which has to be installed outside home or building and it’s duty is to collect the signals from tower. Installing outdoor antenna should be done carefully. You should always install this antenna at place where signal strength coming from tower is highest. There are two kinds of outdoor antennas, Omni Directional Antenna and Yagi Antenna. If you want to boost signals coming from various providers then go for Omni Directional Antenna and in case of single provider go for Yagi Antenna.

Boosting Unit is the heart of cell phone booster, if this is not working then nothing else will work and if the frequency is not enough to cover the needed area then also that cell phone booster is of no use. This is the unit which gets signal with low strength from outdoor antenna and boosts it to highest strength possible and then transfers it to indoor antenna. Now, frequency of whole cell phone booster depends on this unit as it says that how much it can boost.
Indoor Antenna – This is the antenna which spreads the boosted signal strength to needed area after receiving it from boosting unit. Indoor antenna also comes in two types – Panel Antenna and Dome Antenna. One should install panel antenna if he want to cover huge multistory building or other such places. Installing by reading manual is always good but in general panel antenna should be installed on wall of top floor of the building. Kindly note that this antenna has to be installed in upside down direction. Dome antenna is for covering smaller area like some small hall or small floor, it has to installed on ceilings of the roof, it works in multi direction whereas panel antenna works in single direction.

Now, which one to buy?
For this you have to do some basic research first. You will have to calculate the area which you want to cover and you have to note that how much signal strength you are getting at your place. There are many cell phone booster models available and each booster has its own capability. The capability and frequency of cell phone booster says that how much area it will cover.
Once you have researched that then go to cell phone booster store online via google search and look for the cell phone signal booster which covers the area you need to cover. My advice for you is to get a booster with greater frequency then needed because your home/building can have more signal blocking elements then what we found in normal conditions. Just get one level higher model and get rid of low signal problem.