What have Cell Phone Signal Booster Technology Changed in recent time?

Removing each and every trouble of these cell phone problems had been very difficult in the past, but cell phone amplifiers have proved to be the only solution of removing low signal problem. When for the first time cell phone signal booster was first launched in the market, it was for a trial version. There is cell phone booster which is available in market according to the ranges of the area to be covered for each and every place where cell phone signal gets worse. This has improved the importance and quality of cell phone signal boosters. FCC declared that those companies which follow its rules and regulations will only manufacture cell phone booster. That makes them a better choice for commercial spaces, where cell users may be customers of different providers.

Federal Communications Commission rules

New Federal Communications Commission rules, scheduled to take effect in February, will set standards for signal booster products. For more information, go to wireless.fcc.gov/signal-boosters. No matter how strong the signal, the limited frequency range used by cell phones means that the calls will still sound worse than virtually any landline call. That is slowly beginning to change. Signal boosters are just as easy to set up as personal cell sites, but the hardware is bulkier and more difficult to hide. The antenna used to distribute the signal throughout the house is about the size and shape of a hardback book.

Antennas that enhance the signal in one room are small and easy to place on a desk. The cell phone signal amplifier is then connected via coaxial cable to an indoor antenna. No matter how strong the signal, the limited frequency range used by cell phones means that the calls will still sound worse than virtually any landline call. That is slowly beginning to change.

Three Best Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers.

Dead zones are one of the dangerous places of today time, not physically but economically and mentally. Because it affects it mentally a lot and use to cause adverse effect on many business almost every second. What happens is dead zone is that you just use to keep screaming and at the end you use to cut the call which makes many deals un-done and many talks un-talked (yeah there is no such word but I think this describes that feeling in huge way). Even person listening to second end, use to get voice cutting again and again which causes negative impact.
Answer to this huge problem is only in form and i.e. cell phone signal amplifier which is very capable of solve low signal problem by boosting the signal. Now question arises is that which signal booster to choose? I am listing down some of the best signal booster, may this will help you out.
iBooster for iPhone 4, 4S and 5
iBoost is the cell phone booster especially designed for Apple iPhone and it have got regular update in parallel to iPhone generations. iPhone is one of the most demanded phone of all time, there use to be long wait among its users for its new model launch. But when calls get disconnected due to low signal strength the user use to get fed up and iPhone seems to be useless that time. Observing this iBooster have been launched in the market and which is one of the most successful booster of all time. One of its greatest feature is that it can be paired with iPhone with Bluetooth which
zBoost Signal Booster
Well this is the signal booster for large range lovers and mostly used in offices and somewhat larger areas. One of the best feature of zBoost is that it can be used for multiple mobiles at a time and there is no brand specific usage. If you want booster to cover range around 2,500 sq. ft the zBoost cell phone signal booster is for you, one more plus point is that this booster is comapitble with all US careers and it do not need any cradle to be attached with phone.

Another cell phone booster called SpotWave1900
This is a booster which is compatible at both the places i.e. home and office. It is only booster that appreciably covers the approximate area of 35 ft from the unit. Real positive fact is that the call sounds too clear within the range of 35ft from booster which is good then any other.

New Technology of Cell Phone Booster

With every new technology introduced in the cell hone market, cell phone consumers increase with a good quantity. And this correspondingly increases the traffic in the cell phone signals. And this resulted into poor signal reception for cell phones. And this lead to the popularity of cell phone signal booster. This device has gained popularity because every consumer wants that every call he makes or receives should be complete and disturbance free. So every consumer has moved towards purchasing a cell phone signal amplifier. This doesn’t mean that this device gained popularity of this reason only. The main reason is that the booster is really working and efficient in its work. This all happened because of the loose mentality o service provider companies. These companies were not able to install new towers corresponding to the number of consumers added to their company everyday. They should have installed new towers, but they didn’t. So, consumer found its own way to have his mini tower with him. Cell phone signal repeater, the device that boosts the weak signals and makes the boosted signals available to the consumer. This has basically forced others to buy new boosters also. There are certain places in the city where the reception of signals is really poor or very weak. At those places, it is almost impossible to make and receive calls. These places are called dead zones. At these places, you can have a booster that captures these weak signals, amplifies them and gives these boosted signals to the cell phone. And now, your phone can easily make and receive calls from anywhere, whether you are at home or away. You need not worry about your location if you are in the kitchen or the bathroom or even the basement, you will have the best of signal reception. Boosters are really amazing devices.