What is a cell phone booster?

Cell phone signal booster is a new technology device and it is very useful in getting rid low signal problem. A low signal problem occurs when your mobile gets in to the area where the signal coverage is very less and calls get dropped again by again, you can miss many messages to due to low signal problem. Now, i will explain what cell phone booster do and how?

Basically a cell phone booster is a device which is capable of boosting low signal strength to highest strength possible. This device is generally divided in to three parts which are – outdoor antenna, indoor antenna and boosting unit. The outdoor antenna use to collect the low signal coverage coming from tower and sends it to boosting unit via coaxial cable. Now, this boosting unit use to boost low signal to highest strength with help of its boosting technology then it sends boosted signal strength to internal antenna. Now, this internal antenna distributes boosted signal to the needed area. Question arises here is to which cell phone booster you should buy?

This is an important question and answer is very simple if you can understand the situation you are in. First calculate the area you want to cover the boosted signal with and then go to online cell phone booster store and go for cell phone booster which comes one level up from the booster which just gets fit in to your requirement.