WILSON 400 (50 ohm):

  • They have 3.5db loss @ 700 MHz, 6dB loss @ 2100 MHz per 100 feet
  • It is perfect answer for business employments. It is profoundly suggested for different communicate radio wires furthermore prescribed if the approaching sign is OK to poor.
  • They utilize N-Male connectors.



  • The greatest link length relies on upon the signal quality alongside the increases and misfortunes that happen all through the framework.
  • It is desirable over utilize link of length 100 feet from intensifier to reception apparatus.


75 Ohm VERSUS 50 Ohm:

  • CEDIA Industry standard is 75 Ohm while for huge business structures it is 50 Ohm

    Similarly 50 Ohm has somewhat less misfortune per 100 feet of link.


    Business review links are accessible in bigger amount in 50 Ohm just (i.e. 600 cable, plenum cable)





Cell phone repeaters boost cell phone signals

A dropped call has now changed. It can ruin a business deal or a romantic reconnection. It can remove vital details from an important plan. It can even delay pizza delivery. But customers are moving towards Harris Communication’s new innovative line of cell phone repeaters antenna. Cell phone antenna repeaters for home and office (or cellular amplifier) amplify cellular signals anywhere, making missed connections (and dropped calls) a thing of the past. If we see the past it is actually full of dropped calls and miscommunications. If in the past people had a texting plan, or even a telegraph line, the battles could have been avoided. The average customer could benefit from a Yagi antenna, even if they’re not repelling a British Invasion. (In fact, most of Harris Communications equipment is cell phone grid neutral and can work overseas).
How does it work?
The new technology of cell phone repeater booster works by amplifying (boosting the power of) your signal. It does this by rebroadcasting cellular signals inside your house or office. The cell phone repeater generally uses an external, directional antenna to capture the outside cellular signal, which is then transmitted to an amplifier unit which amplifies the signal, and retransmits it locally, providing significantly improved cellular and wireless coverage.
Harris Customers include major hospitals and was already doing well; it was a gold seal winner and unfortunately, their new facility stopped cell calls, distressing patients and staff alike.
Harris Communications took care of the problem by boosting and mirroring external service, bringing the outside in. Afterwards the easy installation, Harris communications officials walked every foot of the facility, making sure that hospital goers had the reception they needed. But customers are moving towards Harris Communication’s new innovative line of cell phone repeaters antenna. This is how Harris communications has achieved success.