Technicality of smart homes

Feng shui improvements are also sometimes known as many of the latest design trends of residences & I am a regular visitor of home developments & relocation for my clients interested in purchasing these residences. Smart home has its separate technical area as many new homes now come with different technical or media areas. The technical area is usually on at the top of the stairs on a big loft-like handling in a two-story home. According to feng shui perspective, to take the “yang” work activities out of the “yin” bedrooms you have to designate a separate space for computer or internet activities that is certainly a very good step to take. This certainly leads to create the distance between the areas where the higher electrical fields are associated with office equipment & where people are sleeping.
You should never make a home with a bull nose corner. Now-a-days mostly homes have the rounded or curved corners everywhere so that there should not be unintentionally sharp corners angled at people when they arrive in a room or when they exit from a room. You should always have a large closet in home automation system installed house as it’s not only a good feng shui feature but also the newer homes are getting away from the slid-open closet doors, which all were virtually mirrored closet doors in decades past. You would always sleep more soundly by not having mirrored closet doors in a bedroom. Now-a-days in some homes which have the X10 home automation system installed in them, the formal living room has been reduced to a “receiving” room which is not more than approximately 100 square feet. For having blending of outside & inside activities , new home designs are looking forward towards informal entertaining, with their family rooms being placed right off a large kitchen & towards the back of the house. You should always make laundry rooms upstairs so that they can be closer to where we actually keep our clothes.