Cell Phone Booster and LG Spectrum

Let me tell you all about the impressive and good looking LG Spectrum. It has fast LTE speeds with an improved dual core processor and works on Android 2.3 OS and has a lots of HD features to offer. The best part of the cell phone is its 4.5” screen with HD display.
But as we were expecting some flaws from every cell phone, this one has a poor call quality and camera quality is also inconsistent. Its interface was found awkward at times while testing by our professionals. jlDAfOZzc-s
But one other satisfying thing is that this cell phone’s performance can be still boosted using a cell phone signal booster. Every customer has given in their reviews that their lifestyle has changed a lot and has become satisfying too after using a cell phone booster.


The bottom line can be stated as LG Spectrum having very good and clean design with fastest 4G LTE data speeds and admirable HD experience too, but its interface and performance flaws are the ones to be considered.
Spectrum has a terrific 4.5 inch HD display, 1.5 GHz dual core snapdragon processor and an 8MP camera with 1080p video recording capability. Spectrum also has a 1.3 front facing camera for video calling and the phone runs quite good on its Android 2.3 OS. Its video calling capability gets improved a lot when you use a cell phone repeater with the LG spectrum. Overall, this cell phone is very good if you are a design lover.

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